Matar Mushroom, $13.95

Peas and mushrooms cooked in creamy curry View page

Dal Makhni (Black Lentils), $13.95

Cooked with a unique blend of spices View page

regular lunch pack

Regular Lunch Pack, $10

Lunch pack has Rice with Curry and a choice of plain or garlic naan included with a can of Soft Drink View page

Mango Ice-cream, $4.00

An in-house speciality made to give you an exciting addition to your dinner or Lunch. View page

Gulab Jamun, $4.00

Dumplings of Milk concentrate dipped in sugar syrup. View page

Mango Lassi, $4.00

Mango Lassi is a thick shake of yoghurt and cold milk. View page

  • Pappadums, $2.50

    (4 pieces) Crispy lentil wafers. read more
  • Vegetable Samosa, $5.00

    read more
  • Mixed Vegetable Pakoras, $5.00

    (6 pieces) Fritters of assorted vegetables. read more
  • Onion Bhajji, $5.00

    (6 pieces) Chickpea patty stuffed with onions. read more
  • Meat Samosa, $5.00

    (2 pieces) A homemade pastry parcel with a stuffing of mince lamb and peas. read more
  • Chicken Pakora, $7.00

    (8 pieces) strips of chicken fillet marinated in special batter and deep fried. read more
  • Amritsari Fish, $8.50

    (6 pieces) Fish marinated in special (and traditional) batter and deep fried. read more
  • Chicken Tikka, $8.50

    (6 Pieces) Tender cubes of chicken fillet marinated and cooked in the tandoor on skewers. read more
  • Chicken Drumsticks, $6.00

    (2 pieces) Chicken drumsticks marinated and cooked in the tandoor. read more
  • Tandoori Wings, $6.00

    (6 pieces) Chicken wings marinated in yoghurt batter and cooked in the tandoor. read more